Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_08 Presentations by Christiania's Researchers in Residence


Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, DK, is both a living community and an amazing social and cultural experiment, which keeps developing and evaluating itself. The Christiania Researchers in Residence Porgramme was set up to invite artits from outside to live in Christiania and to develop new work that explores some of the particularities of Christiania.
The evening will start with a number of presentations by artists who have worked from within Christiania, followed by an informal dinner for everyone, and a debate on the current situation of Christiania and the research outcomes in relation it.

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FS_07 IGMADE presents recent works


Igmade is a collective of artists, designers, architects and theoreticians. It was first formed in Stuttgart in September 2001 as a think and action tank to offer expertise to Stuttgart University's Institut Grundlagen moderner Architektur und Entwerfen (IGMA). Igmade deals on a theoretical level with the interrelations of space, politics and warfare; based on that it develops book projects, designer toys, dance tracks, architectures, exhibitions and video clips. Since the publication of Igmade's book "Codes: Architecture, Paranoia and Risk in Times of Terror" (Birkhäuser, 2006), the group became independent from its Stuttgart university context. Its protagonists are now mainly based in Berlin. Current members include Julian Friedauer, Stephan Henrich, Daniel Hundsdörfer, Martin Knall, Iassen Markov, Dick Martini, Daniel Mock and Stephan Trüby; during the public works session, some of them will present past and present work.

FS_06 'The Urban Village' by Crisis


CRISIS is a national charity that fights homelessness and empowers homeless people to fulfill their potential and transform their lives. With Urban Village CRISIS has developed a new model for sustainable communities with affordable homes for low income essential workers and formerly homeless adults.

Urban Village is:

- An innovative concept for socially mixed communities based on tried and tested model from New York
- High quality permanent housing with onsite holistic support and opportunities for work and well being
- A cost effective solution, which tackles multiple agendas across local and central government

Located on the City Fringe in Tower Hamlets, Urban Village will create 270 units of permanent affordable housing for a mixed community of low income workers and homeless adults unable to move on from an overcrowded hostel system. Urban Village will not only provide high quality, environmentally friendly housing, it will also boast integrated onsite support services including healthy living, training, and employment opportunities. Support services include the New Mildmay Hospital serving people living with AIDS, a Primary Healthcare and 8 bed Detox Centre, and the New Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Urban Village is based on a successful model pioneered by Common Ground Community in New York in 1990. Common Ground currently operates 1500 units. In 2005, New York City government committed to delivering 9,000 more units.