Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

URBAN ENERGY AND THE SHARING ECONOMY, Friday 5th of June from 7pm at the German Deli in Hackney Wick.

Join us for a series of events about community energy, resource sharing and the opportunity to get involved in building a small scale anaerobic digester (AD).

Anaerobic digesters turn waste into energy, and this project is all about learning how we can make energy from the resources we find in an urban neighbourhood.

Community energy is a growing phenomenon; for example local groups are starting to collectively buy solar panels, or invest in wind turbines, and get involved in green energy production. It's still rare in urban areas, even though cities are full of low carbon sources of energy like biomass from thrown away food. Making energy in the city is hard, it means finding technologies that can be tailored to specific local sites and resources. Technologies like AD exist, but research suggests the technical challenge of turning urban waste into energy is far less than the challenge of supporting people who want to attempt this.

We want to address that challenge and are proposing to develop and build a small scale Anaerobic Digester in the Olympic Park that uses local organic waste to create heat, power and fertiliser. The project is free to join and open to all those who are interested in local energy and zero waste societies, or who just want to know more.

Over the coming months we will be organising a series of events to learn more about the process, identify some resources in the neighbourhood and discuss more broadly the issues of community energy, low waste society and the sharing economy. We'll also be recruiting volunteers who want to join in a set of hands-on building workshops to construct a fully functioning small scale Anaerobic Digester.

The first event in this series will bring together three speakers and will offer a good opportunity to learn about the broader context community energy and find out how to get involved in the project.

Speakers include:

Teresa Domenech Aparisi, who will talk about closed loop economies and how we can minimize waste.
public works and Charlotte Johnson will introduce the project to build a micro Anaerobic Digester.

The project takes places as part of R-Urban Wick project and is a collaboration between UCL's Institute for Sustainable Resources, art and architecture group public works and LEAP, a specialist in designing and building Micro AD for community groups. The events will be led by Charlotte Johnson from UCL and public works who will also produce the supporting material and written outputs to raise awareness of the potential for urban community energy.

The project is funded through UCL's Public Engagement Unit as part of UCL's EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (EP/K503745/1). It has the support of the London Legacy Development Agency who are the planning authority for the QEOP.

Friday 5th of June 2015
German Deli
Unit1, Hamlet Industrial Estate
96 White Post Lane
E9 5EN