Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_08 Christiania



Freetown Christiania: Research Presentations and Debate

Individual Research Presentations followed by informal Dinner for everyone, followed by
discussion and debate

Freetown Christiania (
The Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen has been in existence for more than three decades. For just as long it has had to defend its self-governed status against the Danish government’s attempt to “normalize” it. Christiania is a unique community and place that holds its own rules, and proves a successful model for collective ownership and living.

The Christiania Researcher in Residence project (
The Christiania Researcher in Residence project was established in regards to the fact that Christiania is part of Denmark's history and poses questions of what Denmark's cultural memory is and how it should be formed. These questions are extended to an international context.

Friday Session 08
The evening will start with presentations by Christiania residents involved in the current negotiation regarding Christiania’s status and future, and members of the Christiania Researcher in Residence Project. It will be followed by artists who have been invited by CRIR to develop work in response to Christiania.

An informal dinner will allow everyone to gain energy for a more general discussion on Christiania
as a social, cultural and legal model. The profit made from selling drinks and food will go to CRIR.

Presentations and contributions by

Lise Autogena
London based artist, former Christiania resident and founding member of CRIR.

Emmerik Warburg
Christinania based sound engineer and video artist, founding member of CRIR and part of Christiania´s activistic society.

Jens Brandt
Architect, activist and member of CRIR, based in Copenhagen and Croatia.

Asa Sonjasdotter
Artist and member of CRIR, based in Sweden, Denmark and Berlin.

Nicoline van Harskamp
Amsterdam based visual artist; her video project “Christiania Trias Politica” looks into the history of rules and governance in Christiania.

Jaime Stapleton
London based historian currently working for the World Intellectual Property Organisation; his primary focus was the "sense of ownership" that Christianites have developed in relation to their homes and community and its relation to "legal" ownership of property in Christiania.

Neil Chapman & Martin Wooster
UK based artists and writers, whose audio interviews trace an invisible relationship between people and stories in Christiania.

Michael Baers
Berlin based artist, who is asking “What is the Mystery” in his recent comic strip about Christiania, which appeared serially in Ugspjelet, the Christiania community weekly paper