We will be contributing to a discussion hosted by Can Altay at the Showroom.
The theme for the evening is Partnership and Transformation and takes place as part of Can's CHURCH STREET PARTNERS' GAZETTE project. Join us this Thursday the 4th at 6.30pm at the Showroom.

Can Altay's CHURCH STREET PARTNERS GAZETTE continues with a discussion about Partnership and Transformation involving Jeremy Till (University of Westminster), Andreas Lang (public works), Edward Quigley (Church Street Neighbourhood Management) and Hugo Nowell (Urban Initiatives), moderated by Can Altay.

How to imagine forms of partnership beyond the limited economic and legal sense of holding a share in power and responsibility?

This event will discuss rights to space beyond the community of the settled, looking at forms of partnership that take into account the fleeting, the student, the temporary laborer, as well as other living and non-living partners.

The CHURCH STREET PARTNERS GAZETTE enters this scene as a partner itself, discussing whether it can intervene/contribute to the processes, and perhaps play a role in commenting on the power relations via questioning the meaning of 'partnership'.

In an attempt to look closer to the area in which The Showroom is located, and where the production of the Gazette takes place, this event will also focus on actual transformations and future promises/threats in the area. What are the viewpoints of actors involved and subjected to these changes? And how does it affect its partners? What are the common problems and mistakes in such processes, and is Church Street doing anything to avoid them?

For further information please contact Kate Stancliffe:

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