Here a list of projects we're currently working on.
Updates to be published on the public works log.

Colchester Inn continues, with a 2nd Interim Launch at firststite on Sat 5th of February.

A second walk around TATE Britain, following an earlier walk and seed-bomb-pressing-action in Oct 2010.

VAST: The R&D phase for an open brief project with Multistory in West Bromwich has started.

My Club will continue with 30 Bird Productions in various locations in the UK.

West Bengal Cultural Centre are open, and potentially there will be product development as part of the running programme of the centres.

Ein-Zu-Mit Decken for Kunst Station Triemli comes to its public end in Februrary.

Hackney Wick walks to be concluded.

Launch of "Trans Local Act", a publication concluding the 18months long Rhyzom project.

Together with PS2 in Belfast and Anne Marie Dillon, and residents from Ballykinlar, public works is going to develop a new collaborative product, which will enter the...

... ongoing International Village Shop.