public works will presenting at Jim Woddalls '24 Hour Olympic State'. We will be on from 10-1pm on Friday morning on the 6th of May sharing a slot with Katherine Clarke from muf. If you need a snack beforehand join the marathon for a 9am breakfast.

The Olympic Games, Urban renewal & Surveillance: A marathon of presentations, film, sound, performance and discussion 

The Olympics can arguably be described as a laboratory for the neoliberal city utopia; after all, the Games represent the success of a brand and an event based on a combination of massive urban renewal, dodgy governance, hugely profitable advertising and broadcasting contracts, the corporatisation and militarisation of public space, and the criminalisation of dissent. 

The Olympics depend, to a large scale, on their ability to operate on a clean, consensual space: without history, without discontents, without opposition. The Olympic Park is the fantasy of such space, Jim Woodall's Olympic State installation, currently on show at See Studio Exhibition Space, is one of its disruptions. 

The Olympics Games is the strategic occupation of the social and economic space of the city, but they allow, or even invite, for a tactical response. The goal of this 24h marathon of activities, echoing the 24hr surveillance of the site, is to bring together artists, activists and researchers challenging the Olympic dream. 

We wish to amplify Jim Woodall's radical gesture by summoning an assemblage of talks, films, interventions, performances and concerts which are part of the myriad of militant productions taking place in the city right now. 

In particular, we are interested in exploring the dynamics of urban renewal brought to East London by the Olympics and the issue of surveillance and control of public space. This 24 hour event aims at providing a generous and welcoming space for discussion. Join us for an evening, a night, a morning or a day - or stay up for the whole marathon... 

24 HOUR OLYMPIC STATE is curated by Isaac Marrero, Cristina Garrido and Jim Woodall 

You can download the press release here 

Thursday 5th May 18:00 - Friday 6th May 17:59 

E9 5LX 
020 8986 6477 

Barbeque beautifully prepared and served by 'The Sit Down Affair'.