public works joins the Actors of Urban Change programme

Last week public works began a new European programme - Actors of Urban Change (AoUC), funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation and MitOst. Public works is part of one of the ten teams from cities across Europe; Chișinău, Hamburg, Kherson, Lecce, London, Oslo, Rijeka, Timisoara, Valencia and Vilnius to be selected on the programme.

The focus of the funding is around cross sector collaboration with teams being made up of cultural, public and private actors - seeking ways to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development. The programme provides a rich learning opportunity with 5 academy meetings over the next 18 months, visiting some of the emerging projects in the ten selected cities.

AoUC kicked off last week in Berlin with the first 4 day academy, visiting inspiring Berlin based projects (ZK/U, SpreePark, Refugio) as well as plenty of time to get to know about the fund, the other teams and our London team members.

Our London team is made up of two new and interesting partners; Javier Rojo is representing the private sector via his waste management company Quantum Waste, Danny Tompkins is representing the ‘public’ sector through his work for Poplar Harca, and Andy Belfield is representing public works on behalf of the cultural sector. Over the next 18 months the team will seek to deliver an Anaerobic Digester and community cafe as part of a future community garden in Poplar, East London. The core aim of the project is about finding ways that local organic food waste can be broken down into bio-gas and fertiliser - reducing the amount of food waste going into landfill whilst providing energy to run a small community kitchen. The long term goal is the alter and change attitudes towards waste, and provide new economies to support local groups using the future garden.