Join us for the public programme of our two week Summer School, Prototyping the Civic City. Through a series of field-trips, workshops, talks and events we will be exploring how artist, design and activist practices can empower citizens to remake, rethink and re-imagine the city.

We will be focusing on how ‘civic action’ can allow participants to develop new skills, strategies and practices to directly affect changes in the city. Core to this is the idea of prototyping open source designs and rethinking organisational structures.

We are inviting you to explore and share prototypes for the Civic City alongside our students. We’ll be hands on and building prototypes in support of local actions for environmental change. Transforming the Tate Exchange into a public classroom, bringing together activists and practitioners engaged in civic movements. In this space we’re hosting multiple voices through a number of public talks, discussions and workshops, itself prototyping a collective education platform for civic action. Finally we’ll be hosting a closing ‘Exhibition of Action’ at R-Urban Poplar where we try and put all our learning back into place



Saturday 14 July, Kings Cross, 11:00-18:00
Join us on the opening Saturday for a walking field trip around Kings Cross London, exploring some of the existing initiatives which are prototyping and re-imaging the city. We will be looking at green prototypes at Calthorpe Project, Arts Catalyst and the King’s Cross Skip Garden as well as a organisational prototyping from the Camley Street CLT and Forum. The fieldtrip begins at 11.00 at Calthorpe (WC1X 8LH), RSVP is essential please confirm via email at

Wednesday 18 July & Thursday 19 July
Tate Exchange, 12:00-18:00
Join us in building, making, testing new prototypes for civic action. We’ll be focussing on three different kinds of green infrastructure which address air quality, food waste and off-grid cooking. Come lend a hand or your knowledge.

Friday 20 July, Tate Exchange, 12:00-18:00
The School of Civic Action in collaboration with Commons Rising are inviting commons initiatives and commoners to come together to initiate a UK wide Commons Assembly. This is an open platform to meet others, exchange knowledge and to see if there is an appetite for an ongoing UK Commons Assembly.
The aim of the day is to put on an exhibition showing the wealth of Commons projects happening in the UK. There will be discussions as well as workshops to inform the public about the commons. It is also an opportunity to vision how the commons might work beyond the individual projects and to set up practical outcomes going forwards.


Saturday 21 July, Tate Exchange, 12:00-20:00
This one-day symposium curated by Sol Perez-Martinez of the Spatial Engagement Network, will explore ways to engage critically with our urban environment. Throughout three sessions participants will discuss spaces and methods proposed to foster meaningful relations between people and the places where they live.
Ideas for Civic Action, will bring together practitioners, researchers and community groups who have worked connecting people with their surroundings in order to share practices and discuss further action. The event will showcase initiatives where architects have been aware of the social and political implications of their work, aiming to encourage a more conscious way of practice which serves community interests.
Following the symposium, a final shared event in collaboration with Just Space, public works and Umeå School of Architecture, will discuss current projects where communities across London are taking action over their local areas and will draw conclusions from the day’s parallel events.

Sunday 22 July, Tate Exchange, 13:00-15:00
Pedagogies of the temporary. - Archives, Schools and the Temporary City. Join us for an afternoon session drawing a line of thought between archival practices and learning formats inspired by temporary use projects.Four speakers will present ideas, archives or projects opening up a view on the alternative learning spaces offered by temporary use projects and how this learning can be captured, passed on and mobilised in other forums.Taking as a point of departure the School of Civic Actions collaboration with Roskilde Festival, Northern Europe’s largest annual music festival and for one week every year, Denmark’s fourth largest city.

Wednesday 25 July, R-Urban Poplar, 17:00-20:00
Bringing the summer school to a close on site at R-Urban Poplar, we’ll be exhibiting all the prototypes built and tested over the previous week. Join our students in celebrating the schools hard work over a collective meal and reflective discussion.
The exhibition starts at 17.00 at R-Urban Poplar (E14 0SP)
RSVP is essential please confirm via email at:


The School of Civic Action is a pedagogical experiment that tests situated modes of learning in support of civic city making, while challenging traditional urban teaching and disciplinary restriction. The School maneuvers across disciplines that complement one another, implementing new ways of knowing and acting. Teaching and learning at the school is symbiotic; by situating its curriculum within live projects, it can mutually provide a support structure back to the local communities, the sites they occupy and for the individuals enrolled.

This outing of the School of Civic Action is with the support of; public works, Umeå School of Architecture, Tate Exchange, Roskilde Festival, R-Urban Poplar, Spatial Engagement Network and Just Space.