Can You Show Me The Space - openend at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston

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Polly from public works joined the British Council event in Istanbul

'Creative Collaboration In Europe and Beyond'

The British Council launched a major new arts initiative across South East Europe and wewere invited to take part in it. The British Council wanted to bring together an exceptional group of creative professionals to build new networks and develop new forms of collaboration between arts communities in Europe and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Over 100 international delegates came together for the British Council event called “The Space” which took place in Istanbul from 24th – 27th November.

The event was based on the use of 'Open Space Technology' – a lively and interactive method of stimulating dialogue and learning – where we as a participant set the agenda to deal with the issues that are most important to us. It is an extremely dynamic way of discussing difficult questions and turning talk into action in a very short space of time.

A report was generated by the participants in “The Space” and action groups were formed to take ideas forward.

Public Works partcipated in the 'Who Owns Public Space?' debate and the 'Re-making of Cities' as well as many more. This particular issues have become a point of action and various creative proffesionals from Europe have started to take things this space...


public works presented at Alternate Currents in Sheffield.

Read the BD review here

Alternate Currents is a major international symposium which looks at alternative forms of architectural praxis. The symposium will present a range of ideas from around the world which propose new and reflective ways to conduct architectural practice. Many of the speakers start from a critical position with regard to the normative models of architectural practice and the values embedded in it. Whether from political, social, gender or theoretical standpoints, the speakers propose innovative ways of thinking about the future of architectural practice. The symposium is open to all and is particularly relevant to practitioners and students interested in alternative ways of operating.

_Tessa Baird, Anna Holder, James Wakeford / London
_Jens Brandt / Copenhagen
_Carolyn Butterworth + Sam Vardy / Sheffield
_Jonathan Charley / Glasgow
_Prue Chiles + Leo Care, BDR / Sheffield
_Pedro Gadanho / Lisbon
_Emiliano Gandolfi / Rotterdam
_Mathias Heyden / Berlin
_Andreas Lang, public works / London
_Maria Lucia Malard / Belo Horizonte
_Ruth Morrow / Belfast
_Andreas Müller / Berlin
_Constantin Petcu, Doina Petrescu + Helen Stratford / Paris/Cambridge
_Jean-François Prost / Montreal
_Colin Ripley / Toronto
_Flora Samuel / Bath
_William Tozer / London
_MOM/ Belo Horizonte/Brazil


Launch of "Can you show me the space" at Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston

public works has organised a two month programme of presentations, mapping workshops, exhibition and publications for Stanley Picker Gallery, which will open to the public on Wednesday 28 November.

We will give a talk about the issues and reasons behind "Can you show me the space" at 5.30 pm, followed by launch of exhibition and first project fanzines from 6.30 - 8.30 pm.
Running up to the launch we have been collaborating with Can Altay on the collaborative setting up of the different elements in the gallery space.

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Click to download full poster and programme ->show_me_the_space.pdf

Can you show me the space points to a conceptual and practical need within design disciplines, to capture, visualise and acknowledge social and informal phenomena as part of architectural production. The reproduction representation of space within design/architecture is primarily focused on the description of the built form. Everyday life demonstrates that programmes and social networks are not confined to single built structures. Instead they spread across sites, time and relationships, and create new networks of spaces that we all use but almost never acknowledge or recognise as spatial constructs. Can you show me the space offers different public platforms to explore five theme-based blocks: Setting a Setting; Representation of Relational Spaces; Mapping the Centre of Useless Splendour; Architecture as Extended Social Space and Relational Mapping Tools. Each block will result in a fanzine of visual material accompanied by a commissioned essay, available throughout the exhibition and launched at the end of the exhibition as a compiled publication.

With contributions by: Agents of Change (London), Alex Warnock Smith (London); Anna Mansfield (London); atelier d’architecture autogérée (Paris); Can Altay (Bristol/Ankara), Citymin(e)d (Bruxelles/London); Dorian Moore (London); drmm architects (London); Elizabeth Price (Kingston/London); Markus Miessen (London); Peter Arlt (Linz); Polly Brannan (London); Robert Mull (London) and others.

public works is the current Stanley Picker Design Fellow at the Faculty of Art, design & Architecture at Kingston University.

Andreas and Wapke join the Rural Evolution discussion

2pm on Wednesday, 7th November 2007
in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

Roundtable: “Rural Evolution”
with Marjetica Potrč, Andreas Lang (Architect/public works, UK), Wapke Feenstra (Artist/, NL), Dominic Stevens (Architect/IRL), and Sheila Gallagher (The Green Sod Land Trust/IRL), chaired by Nathalie Weadick, (Director, The Irish Architecture Foundation).

“Rural Evolution” is organised in partnership with The Irish Architecture Foundation.