Architecture Week - Olympic film screening + discussion. Wednesday June 20th at 7pm

As part of Architecture Week, public works will join the podium discussion following Optimistic Productions screening of 'The Games'. Wednesday the 20th of June at 7pm in the building Center, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

‘The Games’. A 15 minute film by Hilary Powell involving the staging of a surreal alternative Olympics. Produced by Dan Edelstyn and Optimistic Productions with support with the Office for Subversive Architecture and co-commissioned by Urbis.
Hilary Powell is an artist and partner with Dan Edelstyn in the film company Optimistic Productions. ( ‘The Games ‘ is an example of the hybrid practice they are developing fusing documentary, urban debate and event based art practices. Optimistic Productions are consistently working in this arena having produced a series of channel four three minute wonders called ‘ Subverting the City’ and a documentary on a recycled tube carriage development in Shoreditch where they are now based. They are continuing their work with the Olympics through an extended documentary called ‘ The Ghosts of the Games’ exploring the stories of the sites they passed through during the making of ‘The Games’. This led to their recent collaboration with Andreas Lang of Public Works on an ad hoc tour of the Olympic area.


Ad hoc tour guide workshop of the Olympic Site

During the tour on a roof in Hackney Wick overlooking the Olympic site

Julian introducing Clays Lane Estate before the screening of 'The Games' in Clays Lane Community Centre.

Still from 'The Games' by Optimistic Productions

Public works together with Optimistic Productions are organising a one day workshop and tour of the Olympic site in Stratford on Thursday the 8th of June 2007. A group of 14 master students in urban planning from the university of architecture in Oslo, Norway will join the tour and produce an ad hoc alternative tour guide to the Olympic site.

The day will start of with a bus tour across the site organised by Newham Council, followed by a screening of optimistic production’s film ‘The Games’ in the Clays Lane community centre. After Lunch at Rosie’s Cafe the day will conclude in the Manor Gardens allotments where the tour guide will be assembled.

Clays Lane community centre

public works in collaboration with