Joint talk with This Is Not A Gateway, Tues 5th Feb 6.30 pm

The evening is organised by Art&Architecture and will take place at
The Gallery
70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ

Talk MA Lab Course at Goldsmiths College, Thursday 31st Jan at 3pm

Peter Moertenboeck and Helge Mooshammer who are running the MA Lab course at Goldsmith have invited us to talk about our practice and associated networks.

Their research project Networked Cultures investigates the cultural transformations under way in Europe through examining the potentials and effects of networked spatial practices. Based at Goldsmiths, University of London, the project collaborates with art, architectural and urban practices across Europe and beyond to look at ways in which contested spaces allow for a multi- inhabitation of territories and narratives across cultural, social or geographic boundaries. Sites of alternative urban engagement are collected on a database and will be presented in a variety of formats, including exhibitions, films and books.


Making Space : Round Table Discussion at Stanley Picker Gallery Sat 26th Jan at 2 pm

Architects Alex Warnock-Smith and Anna Mansfield are organising a round table discussion as part of public works' Can you show me the space programme at Stanley Picker Gallery.
This Saturday 26th Jan from 2pm to 4pm.

Based on a mapping done by Alex and Anna that captures the various social, spatial and political aspects of public works' Granville Cube project in South Kilburn, the event aims to discuss concepts and realities of autonomy in public space.
Polly Brannan from public works, who has been running the on site programme at Granville Cube for the last two years, will be presenting the latest Cube fanzine with a compilation of her local mappings.

Can you show me the space Programme continues

As part of the "Can you show me the space"
Programme at Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston,
public works together with City Mine(d)
would like to invite you to a round table on
Mapping on-site and on-line
Urban cartography and relational mapping instruments

On Wed 23 January 2008
6 pm - 7.30 pm
At Stanley Picker Gallery

public works, City Mine(d), Dorian Moore, Towards and Christian Nold
are holding a round table on the role of cartography in their work.
The participants share a quest for ways to collect and re-distribute
information directly from users of urban space, but differ in the
instruments they use - from pencil and paper to state of the art
technology- ; the way they treat their outcomes – from barely archiving to
glossy publications -; and the aims they have with this work - revealing
subjective knowledge or informing a further process.

The round table is an occasion to discuss these different ways of working
next to each other. Conclusions will be compiled into an essay that will be
published in a fanzine.

"Can you show me the space" Fanzines
public works has been publishing fanzines alongside the events and work
going on at Stanley Picker Gallery.
Fanzines, at £ 2 each, so far include

Fanzine 01 "setting a setting" together with Can Altay
Fanzine 02 "Mapping Relational Space"
"Building Stories"
Fanzine 03 "Architecture as Extended Social Space"

Village Produce Filming

public works together with and Grizedale Arts are working on a joint new initiative on rural produce and its international cross village exchange.
We started to film products and their makers in and around Lawson Park, Cumbria, UK, in Wjelsryp, Friesland, NL and in Höfen, Upper Frankonia, Germany.

The films will be launched in March as part of Grizedale's Agrifashionista TV project.