public works presentation at Brussels Architecture Institute (Ibai)

On Wednesday 5th November at 20.00,
as part of the 2008 Ibai lecture series,
on invitation by Isabelle doucet for recyclart

After having explored the theme of ‘hybridisation of space’ through a closer look at architecture and urbanism practices with a specific focus on co-production of space and the particular attention this required for architectural representation, the coming ibai-lectures will explore the notion of hybridisation through a closer look at the public/private tension of public/private urban space. Under the theme INSIDE OUT/SIDE IN two evenings will be organised, inviting each time an architectural ‘practice’ that has an original and hybrid way to address this tension, and a ‘thinker’ who will reflect on such approaches from a more theoretical/philosophical point of view."

Salon de refuses Olympique at the TINAG festival

public works will join the Salon de refuses Olympique for an afternoon of presentations and discussions at Cafe Oto in Dalston on Sunday 26th October 3-5pm

TINAG festival includes the latest incarnation of the Olympic Artist Forum :
Salon de refuses Olympique
Join us on Sunday 26th October for the latest manifestation of the [ S P A C E ] initiated ‘Olympic Artist Forum’ - an afternoon of presentations and roundtable discussion exploring creative responses to the changing London 2012 Olympic site and surrounding regeneration zone. The debate will be accompanied by tea and cake made from the fruits of the Olympic fringe lands provided by Pudding Mill River: Purveyors of Sporting Spirits and Foodstuffs, sponsors of this event.
Participants include, Gesche Wuerfel, Leigh Niland, Emma Dwyer of MOLAS (Museum of London Archaeological Services) Tessa Garland and Stephen Cornford.

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