Talking Village Trade

It's called an Honesty Box, or Honesty Stall. Or Honesty Table. But also Village Kiosk and Village Shelves. Or Dorfstand., public works, Grizedale Arts and somewhere met up to talk about all the different shops we have in place already and how and why it should or could come together as one initiative with multiple rules and concepts and ambitions and ideas and products.
A first series of trailor films, commissioned by Grizedale Arts for will be shown later this spring, and next shop and box outlest are planned for the summer.


public works in the countryside - this week from Cambridgeshire


In a year long residency with Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire - UK Torange Khonsari from ‘public works’ explored the role and significance of public space within a rural context. Finding that public paths are prominent spaces within rural public realm public works set out to temporarily expand and occupy a particular public path linking Wysing art centre with the Village of Bourn.

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Bourn Village
local walks
Thurs 10am – 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan
Friday 10am – 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 10am – 2pm, led by Sarah Butler

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Personal map-making workshops
Thurs 2 - 4pm, led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Friday 2 - 4pm led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 12 - 2pm led by Sarah Butler

Saturday 2 - 4pm
Friday Session_26
Discussion on the role of rural space and culture
Torange Khonsari, architect in public works
Wapke Feenstra, artist in

Can we live the green space dream?

Saturday 8th March at 2pm at Pudding Mill Lane DLR - places are full
Walk by Torange Khonsari from public works for General public agency


Initiative and Institution Symposium

Initiative and Institution
An exhibition, a series of talks and events, a symposium, a publication. Organised by Celine Condorelli (support structure) and Andreas Lang (public works).

Department of Architecture and Spatial Design,
London Metropolitan University, 07.02.08 to 31.03.08
Symposium 07 and 08.03.08

For more information on the whole programme visit