The International Village Shop is going from strength to strength - after a big meeting with the four partners (public works,, Grizedale and Somewhere) we are now working on a website for the shop, and online honesty box and more production for 2010.
The latest shop was open for an evening as part of the launch for a new village produce for Neuenkirchen in rural northern Germany.

Cultural production in rural environments and small towns of the border region.

RHYZOM fieldtrip to Ireland
20- 22 November 2009

PS²’s research and contribution for RHYZOM is centred on cultural production in rural environments and regional towns, North and South of Ireland. The border regions of Co. Leitrim, Republic of Ireland (the county with the lowest population) and Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland are the main areas of a comparative analysis of cultural initiatives and policies, local and regional in/dependences, trans-local impact and creative-alternative potentials.

To read more download the pdf with full text and itinerary -> ps2-fieldtrip.pdf


public works had been shortlisted to propose a mobile work/communication/display unit for a public arts programme in Zürich. "Nester" - a public arts programme for the Municipal Hospital Triemli - will be running over the next ten years and produce a variety of commissions for and with hospital users.
The results from the competition were announced this week, and public works is going ahead.


Kathrin and Andreas will be running a workshop session during the Future Perfect Engage Conference which will take place in London this week.

Who is building what when it comes to large scale regeneration schemes? How do collective and participatory public art projects contribute to the shaping of the public realm? Where does the social become spatial? What does it mean for art and architecture collaborations?
The session is to look at collective, bottom up approaches and self initiated cultural projects that take place within larger scale regeneration environments.

public works is going to show some of their recent projects to introduce the session:
- Folk Float - a mobile local archive for the town of Egremont, which has become part of a longer term and larger scale planning, and addresses
issues of local participation and culture (see also
- Park Products/Serpentine Pavilion 2004, a collective production and informal trade project for Kensington Gardens which generated a new public realm and space

The aim of the sessions is to assess participatory and process based cultural projects in regards to their spatial and architectural realities and potentials. The intention is to develop a better understanding and subsequent recognition of the spatial production that is going on in relational practice, both within concrete examples and across the field of practice.

The workshop part will introduce methodologies to represent and present them as such. We invite all participants to choose a cultural project they have been involved in/are aware of and to revisit it, with the aim to read and sketch it as a spatial proposal.