BIG MOMENTS ad hoc fanzine at the Barbican on Thur 30th April from 18.00 to 22.00

A fanzine to sketch and collect those moments that made a change -
to your work, to a project, to a relationship etc.

public works is publishing a fanzine on BIG MOMENTS as part of the
Le Corbusier exhibition and events programme at the Barbican Gallery in London.
Whatever the scale of the work, it is very often moments within projects that mark a turn, make a change or shift something important.
We want to start a collection of moments, to archive their existence and to position their importance within the context of cultural and architectural production.

Please send us an A4 portrait or A3 landscape document that captures such a moment. It can be anything from a quote, a photo, a drawing, a text, etc.
Please add a short description of the context/situation and the date and location.

The fanzine will be compiled and published during a public drop-in workshop at the Barbican on Thursday 30th April 2009
from 18.00 - 22.00.

For details and directions visit:


From the 21st April to the 3rd of May, public works will be producing ad hoc bags from a stall on Petticoat Lane Market, using found and donated materials.
1000 BAGS HERE AND NOW will be given away as a farewell present to local users, as part of the Whitechapel Gallery's year long The Street project.
The stall will be open and running daily (but Sat and Mon) from 10.00 to 17.00.

Sunday 19th April COLCHESTER INN workshop

Who is hosting whom how?
public works are running a pilot project for COLCHESTER INN, commissioned by first:site.
The project looks at forms and formats used by different groups to welcome someone in.
The pilot is in collaboration with a group of parents and friends from Colchesters's Chinese Saturday School.
The workshop on Sunday brings together ideas and suggestions that have been collected so far, in order to brainstorm a new hosting item.
Visitors are welcome but please contact Laura at to check availability.