Urbanism within the everyday

As part of the conference for sustainable urban development Torange from public works gave a paper on "urbanism within the everyday", and did a 2 day workshop in Rafsanjan. Rafsanjan is a pilot city to implement such ideas in collaboration with Iran Art and Architecture Research Association (IAARA). This leads to a program for revising the existing Agenda 21 programme for the UN on sustainable cities development.

The Conference

Final day of "yourwhere" mapping and public discussion event on Tuesday 26th May at 18.00

The final day of the "somewhere" public mapping will finish with a conversation between Celine Condorelli and Kathrin at 18.00 at Wolverhampton Gallery. For more detail klick here

"yourwhere" live mapping, publication and discussion on now

To mark the end of her AHRC research fellowship at the School of Art and Design at the University of Wolverhampton, Kathrin is currently doing the live public mapping project "yourwhere" at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, to coincide with the launch of the "Who is building what" publication, and an evening discussion together with Celine Condorelli at the Gallery.

Public mapping: 09 - 26 May 2009
Discussion: Tuesday 26 May at 18.00, both at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

The publication is available at the gallery or contact public works.

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RHYZOM has started - a new pan european project

collaborative network for local cultural production and trans-local dissemination

RHYZOM will map emerging cultural productions related to local contexts (ie. eco-cultures, minorities’ skills and alternative economies, traditional practices and cultures of resilience, rural/urban exchanges), aiming to reinforcing them through an European interdisciplinary network which constitutes a cultural collaborative platform for reciprocal empowerment and trans-local dissemination.

RHYZOM is initiated by five main partners/co-organisers:
atelier d’architecture autogérée (coordinator – Paris, FR), Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul, TR), AGENCY – The University of Sheffield (UK), Paragon Studios Ltd (Belfast, UK), public works (London, UK).
and associated local partners including: ISPARA - Institute for Strategies of Participative Architecture and Spatial Appropriation (DE), FCDL –Fondation for Local Communautary Development (RO), myvillages.org (DE, UK, NL), BLOK (HR), Isola Art Center (IT), Park Fiction (DE), The Dock - Arts Centre in Leitrim (IR), Oberliht (MD), PEPRAV - (European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City), Observatorio Metropolitano (ES), SYN (Canada)