TODAYS EXTENSION opens as part of the Behind These Walls exhibition at the South London Gallery on Thursday 23rd July

today’s extension shows the day to day activities of the South London Gallery that take place within the building itself and its immediate neighbourhood, particularly Sceaux Gardens Estate.
Neighbouring organisations and Sceaux Gardens residents have been involved with SLG projects and programming over a number of years.
today’s extension collects and points to the different aspects of this wider field of activity and territory.
Visitors are welcome to add suggestions for further extensions.

today’s extension is part of a longer term mapping and visualisation project by public works for the SLG, which looks into the different programmtic and spatial extensions of the organisation. This first public mapping is part of the current Beyond These Walls exhibition which runs from 24 July - 20 Sep 2009.

public works is organising a Friday Session on 18th September, to present and discuss the project and the mapping so far.

"Moving in" - part of sense of place program, Chisenhale Gallery

St Pauls way community school is getting a new school and playground.
Working with pupils at the school we looked at ideas of domesticity in their future playground and notions of privacy on the school ground. We made collages that started to explore the above ideas and through the process of creating a domestic situation we found the most intimate space in the existing playground.