Join us for a day of Seed Bomb Pressing at Lea Bank Square in Hackney Wick on Sunday the 3rd of October 2010 from 11am - 4pm as part of the Lea Bank Square Purple Garden Open Day

As part of the 'Route Book' Project we will be hosting our first event in Hackney Wick together with Lea Bank Square Purple Garden. We will be joining Lea Bank Square on their open day to produce wild flower seed bombs with our 10ton Press. inaugurating our new moulds we will be pressing seed bombs to be used to reinstate the Sunflower Avenue.

Sunflower Avenue is a local initiative to draw a connection between Mabley Green and Victoria park by planting Sunflowers along the route which cuts straight through the heart of Hackney Wick.

Leabank Square Purple Garden Open day
Sunday 3rd October
From 11Am - 4PM

Everyone Welcome
Enjoy the purple garden with us
Meet the Gardeners and find out how the Garden started and sign up to the Gardening Club

Eat with us
Bring a dish or some spare harvest for a shared lunch at the river. Some Refreshments will be provided

Seed Bomb Pressing
Join us in making seed bombs and help us plant wildflowers in the Wick. We will be using our magic 10 ton press to make seed bombs. Everybody can join in.

Join us at
Leabank Square Purple Garden
Bershire Road
Hackney Wick
London E9 5LR
Buses: 26, 388, 30, 276, 236


Rhyzoom Presentations in Paris

Rhyzoom Presentations in Paris

The last of the RHYZOM workshops will take place in Paris, with a public part on Saturday 25th September 
At aaa's communal garden project Le 56 in Paris, starting 10.00.

This seminar brings together a number of practices addressing issues of local and translocal cultural production within different contexts in Europe, prompted during the collaborative project Rhyzom. All these cultural practices are intrinsically related to political, economic, social and material conditions and to specific temporalities, spatialities, individual and collective histories and experiences within their local contexts. Rhyzom tries to create transversal connections between these different framings and to engage with the dynamic and complicated nature of notions of 'local' and 'culture' in contemporary society. This way of connecting 'within and across' is a critique of the way contemporary culture is produced and distributed at global scale. Issues of conflict and contest, common and commonality, rural versus urban, Institutions versus agencies will be addressed in relation to the notions of 'local' and 'culture'.

10h00 - 11h00 - LOCAL, PLACE, CULTURE aaa, Fernando Garcia, Bryonie Reid

11h15- 12h15 AGENCIES versus INSTITUTIONS PS2, Cultural Agency, Agency

12h30-13h30 CONFLICTS, CONTESTS Apolonija Sustersic & Meike Schalk + Park Fiction 


16h00 - 17h00 RURAL / URBAN Public Works + Fiona Woods

17h15-18h15 - COMMON, COMMONS Osfa aka Perez De Lama, Celine Condorelli 

18h30-19h30 - DEBATE


Tobi - our man on the ground in Kolkotta - is busy visiting the construction sites of three new resource centres spread over the three districts of Nadia, Medinipur and Puruliya in West Bengal. Initated by 'Banglanatak' a group of social entrepreneurs who are working closely with artists and craftsmen in several villages of West Bengal.

The resource centres are part of a wider development of regional heritage trails. Each centre is dedicated to a specific artform which is dominant in the area. The land for the centres has been donated to the project by the local artists and crafts communities. The heritage trails are being developed with the Department of Tourism, Culture and Development at London Metropolitan Business School. The resource centres act as nodes for the trails and as an important piece of infastructure in the future development of the artform and its economical success.

Tobi Sofela from public works has the pleasure of spending three months in Kolkotta, overseeing the completion of the centres in cooperation with the local architect and contractor.


Join us on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 September 2010
9.30am - 5pm
Venue: firstsite 4 - 6 Short Wyre Street Ages:
For Everyone Price: Free, just drop in

The Colchester Inn project continues to grow following the February launch of The Knot Curtain, made with Colchester Chinese Culture Society (CCCS). We are now working with three more Colchester based groups to produce the new space for hosting and welcoming in Colchester.

On 8 and 9 September a group of students from the BA (Hons) Art and Design - Three Dimensional Design and Craft course at Colchester Institute will develop a typical 'front room' at firstsite, where knick-knacks and selected objects will be arranged as conversation starters that can also be swapped by and with the general public. Come in and see what's going on


Join My Club at the Polish Arts Festival in Southend-on-Sea from the 12th to the 13th of September 2010. public works ongoing collaboration with 30Bird Production continues on the newly designed and customised Bedford truck which hosts a temporary roaming cultural space.

A military truck, a tower, a shed in the sky, a house cut in half and the British army: Chodzenie-Siberia is a spectacular outdoor event inspired by the journey of Poles to Siberia and Iran. Come and walk through regiments of soldiers, a wall of sound and enter the weird and wonderful world of Chodzenie-Siberia, see film projections on the truck, and climb a spiral staircase in the tower to look into the shed and see trains and towys against a vast landscape.

Join us in the city centre. We will be making army uniform inspired accessories in the thin rooms of an army truck, displaying them in gilded framed windows and hold intimate specialists talks in the shed in the sky on the truck. So come along, bring inspiring fabrics and commission your own accessories. Sign up for talks and have a cup of tea.


Dear old Hackney Wick
The place of our abode
There is no other in the land, it beats the mile end road
It's there that we were born; it's there that we will stick
There is no other in the land like dear old hackney wick
Have a banana !

public works got a new commission for a small temporary project in Hackney Wick. The piece - Route Book (working title) - is commissioned by muf architecture/art as part of their wider involvement with the public realm work in the area.

As the landscape of Hackney Wick and Fish Island changes once again and new routes are being cut across the area, bridges being build and new connections being made we will revisit every day journeys, walks and narratives that cut through Hackney Wick and Fish Island from a very local perspective.

The piece will directly contribute to - and be a continuation of the Wick Curiosity Shop, an eclectic collection of local produce, memorabilia, oral history, songs and stories from or about Hackney Wick in East London

We are happy to be back in the Wick - not that we ever left - but its a great opportunity to spend more time on site.

Chek our log for updates on the project as it develops:
- Lea Bank Square Open Day
- Seed Bomb Pressing