Opening: Thursday 1st December 2011,
Talk at 6:30pm - in Main Forum
40-44 Spring House,
Holloway Road
London N7 8JL 

A collaborative project between London Metropolitan Univeristy and public works presents a programme of events and workshops  on how architecture can become part of a progressive process of social change and exchange, rather than an end product. We will pose questions about where the architecture lies within this context and our shifting roles as architects in the development of spatial production.

Exhibition open: 1 – 9 December 2011
The exhibition illustrates the process of the development and construction of three cultural in villages in the Indian state of West Bengal, with each one reflection the particular local cultural traditions and skills. The project was led by Indian NGO, and aims to develop the unique folk art and culture based creative industry in a way that benefits poor and marginalised rural and tribal communities in West Bengal.

The programme of events to considers the position of architecture in socially driven projects, and how buildings become part of the process of cultural and educational production.

01 Dec 6:30pm, Lecture and exhibition opening - with a one evening International Village Shop

06 Dec 1pm-2pm, “Moving In” workshop, a workshop to frame different possibilities for the appropriation of the buildings, to host existing needs and develop possible new programmes and activities
All students welcome, see leaflet in shop for signing in

07 Dec 10am – 1pm, Seminar: Peter Carl, Maurice Mitchell, Bo Tang, Torange Khonsari, Julie Scott, Jonathan Karkut

09 Dec 1pm-2pm, “Moving In” workshop


The two mobile exhibition cases which normally tour with the mobile Folk Float, are currently in an exhibition on architecture and mobility in Glasgow. "Mobile Solutions" runs until the 17th December at the Mackintosh Museum at the School of Art and Design in Glasgow. That's a lot of mobility. The vitrines will come back to the Florence Mine Creative Centre in Egremont afterwards, where the Float is now at home and has its own special socket.

Installation shot by Janet Wilson.


Designing Economic Cultures is a series of seminars organised by Brave New Alpes, and tailored for design students that takes the contemporary precarious working conditions of creatives as a starting point and investigates strategies of how to go beyond this current state of insecurity.

As the crisis of the financial market seems to have turned into the crisis of all social relations and of everyday life itself, designers are as affected by these developments as most other actors in society. How can we face these conditions with our creative skills and deal with them in a more proactive and propositive way?
The seminars will serve as a platform to discuss and develop questions like the following:
How can designers avoid the conventional choice between either financial stability or critically engaged work?
Which work settings may positively affect our abilities to address contested social, political and environmental issues?
What alternative economic values and strategies can be adopted to overcome precarity?
What can critically engaged creatives learn from the experiences of self-organised citizens and workers in other fields?

public works – exchanging practices

· speaking about the organisational structure of their collective and practice
· introducing two projects with different economies

· mapping the growing international network of colleagues, sites and work

Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Lockwood Building
1st floor
Goldsmiths College
All welcome.