public works in collaboration with Katy Beinart

first community meeting wednesday 18th Jan at 4pm

We are proposing a pop-up shop and cafe in Charlemont's row of shops, which will take place over 2 weeks in February 2012. Leading on from our previous research, the shop would have multiple functions including: an archive space for collecting and displaying artefacts and memories about the estate; holding classes and activities for adults which reflect the lost trades and knowledge of the community (and providing a space for 'local experts'; holding games nights to re-enact lost games; and generating funds through a cafe which people can then pitch for to make small local projects happen.

Flower arranging

Butcher – how to use cuts of meat and sausage making



Barry – wildlife talk

using locally grown produce

re-enacting old games

other artists working in the area/with particular skills

We will design the space and furniture using reclaimed and locally sourced furniture and objects, with help from student or local volunteers.


public works is invited to take part in a workshop in the suburb of Copenhagen - as part of the preparation for a local festival in summer 2012.

Tingbjerg is a multicultural community and suburb in the north-west part of Copenhagen. It is a small village and a meltingpot of human experiences from all over the world meeting Danish inhabitants in a condensed housing area builded in the 50's as an ideal social housing project in a beautiful surrounding landscape with approximately 6000 inhabitants.
Today, a stigmatized (and failed) version of the multicultural society. At the same time Tingbjerg functions as a test site for the multicultural society in its most condensed version. What we learn in places like Tingbjerg will probably guide the future decisionmaking of the Danish Welfare State e.g. Tingbjerg is generally surrounded by a distorted, fear-based, prejudicial mediation driven by ghetto terms with a public and political focus on conflicts.

That's what VISIT TINGBJERG wants to discuss through an extensive presentation of different experiences, images and stories based on new recognitions fostered by a group of twenty contemporary artists working in this public, socio-political art field. The title VISIT TINGBJERG refers strongly to the Danish Official Travel Guide, Visitdenmark ( and VisitCopenhagen ( – official guides that focus on the good stories, the spectacular sites, the prosporus city, the luxurious experiences. When you arrive in the Copenhagen Airport the signs simply proclaim: "Welcome to the land of luxury and passion".

Organised by Matthias Hvass Borello and Kenneth A. Balfelt