SPACES Conference Vienna

The artist as activist in public space

"Critical art (...) is constituted by a manifold of artistic practices aiming at giving a voice to all those who are silenced within the framework of the existing hegemony." Chantal Mouffe

public spaces as a common space for all: a new generation of artists in post soviet countries positions itself on the line of defense of public interest, inviting citizens to claim their right to the city through art interventions. 

The project SPACES assembles curators, artists, activists and researchers in Chisinau, Kiev, Tblisi and Yerevan. The discussion proceeds to looking at the positioning of artists in current proceses of protest,activism and change in a global context.

The SPACES project is funded by the European Union through the Eastern partnership cultural program

public works speaking on Panel 1 - Thursday 30th October at Kunstraum, Vienna

Radical Cities - Grassroots Perspectives

Torre David, A Pirate Utopia, Photo: Iwan Baan

Future of the City: Grassroots Perspectives

What are the dilemmas facing cities and architecture today? What makes a city of the future? How is the public realm shaped by its various users through participation and collaboration? This public event aims to address some of these questions and explore the emergence of various social consciousness movements in architecture and social design and how these relate to contemporary artistic practice.
The discussion includes case studies from Latin America amongst other examples. Speakers include Justin McGuirk author of Radical Cities alongside Andreas Lang from public works, a London-based non-for-profit art and architecture practice.

Andreas Lang is an architect, researcher and educator. He is a co-founder of London based practice public works which operates in between the fields of art, architecture and design. Public works' projects explore how the urban public realm can be shaped by its users, through participation and co-production.

Justin McGuirk is a writer and curator and has worked as the Guardian's design columnist and editor of Icon magazine. He is also the director of Strelka Press and his writing has appeared in Observer, Times, Domus, Art Review and many other publications. In 2012 he was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture for an exhibition he curated with Urban-Think Tank.

Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium, Wednesday 29 October 2014, 18.30 – 20.00