Good news from Paris

The bad news is that that the conference we went to, was badly-to-not-chaired-at-all, with 8 presentation packed in each session and no time for discussion!
Good news is that we met Ivana Ivkovic from Zagreb who is involved in a collaborative cultural reclaim the city project called Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000, and we met up with Doina and Constantin from aaa, and went to a film screening to their ongoing St Bois project. We saw it in Dec 2006 when we did some workshops with students from Inter 10/AA, and what has happened since is impressive (to say the least). The front fence has been replaced by a multipurpose foldable wall with an inside space on top. The outdoor space has several fluid but clear stages from very public to communal and individual, with the genius siting of a dry toilet at the end of the plot. A public toilet as a distinguished architectural programme - clearly competing with the community dinner as a popular common demominator.
Sorry for the bad image - it was late and dark (and very cold).