Höfer Goods goes in its 3rd year - village fete stall and films on Sun 5th October in Höfen near Bamberg, Upper Frankonia, Southern Germany

image: local pre pre launch of the films earlier this summer

public works together with myvillages.org and Grizedale Arts have been producing 8 short films which document the makers and making of different village produce. Three of the films have been shot in Höfen and show the making of the butterspoon, the doylless bag and the jar lamp - all former Höfer Goods produce.
This years - alongside well known conserves and other things - we' ll be showing and selling the films on DVD.
The films will be launched in the UK on 13th November 2008 as part of the New Seasons exhisbition at the Royal Academy and together with other film projects curated by Grizedale Arts for the Agrifashionista.tv project.