The 'Wick Curiosity Shop' web-site launches

The Wick Curiosity Shop is an eclectic collection of local produce, memorabilia, oral history, songs and stories from or about Hackney Wick. Originally commissioned by [Space] for the Hackney Wick Festival. Produced by public works with Pudding Mill River.

The Wick Curiosity Shop exists as a series of events in which it temporarily assembles. The display and the format in which the shop is presented are changing with each event and the shop archive is continuously growing. This way the shop is slowly collecting an extensive list of contributions made in or inspired by Hackney Wick and the surrounding area.

In its most complete form the shop exist on line. The Wick Curiosity Shop Web-site brings all contributions together in one place. You can brows the shop either by looking for individual contributors, by searching all contributions or by events when the shop was open and on site.

Contact us if you would like to contribute something to the shop or spotted something that needs further explanation. You can also join the shop mailing list to stay informed about future events. To find out more about the Hackney Wick Festival visit