BANCO DE REPENTE - public works ad hoc chair production in Lisbon during the opening week of Experimenta

Between 9 - 13 September 09 public works will be setting up an ad hoc chair production stall, as part of the Experimenta 09 opening week in Lisbon. The ad hoc production stall will be part of the british contribution to Experimenta, curated by Clare Cumberlidge from General Public Agency, and commissioned by the British Council Arts, London.

public works is proposing to set up a stall to produce ad hoc stools
from locally found and sourced material.
The "stool stall" can be part of
- an outdoor market/manufacturing area
- a public square or street
- at the entrance to a public park, where people can take the stall in or home

Any material and structure found and sourced locally can be turned
into ad hoc stools, using e.g. plastic crates, bits of timber,
cardboard tubes, metal poles, fabric, etc.

The stools will be produced on site, using a simple workshop set up.
The stools can be commissioned by passers-by and users of the public
space, using material they bring along.
They can also be swopped for new material for other stools.

Surplus stools can be left in the public space where they ve been
To be used individually, by groups or for random gatherings.
The stools can disappear or stay.