Rehearsals started

Rehearsals in the main space, kitchen and shop

Rehearsals in the main space, kitchen and shop

The Whitechapel Gift Shop is an art and architecture project by public works, in collaboration with the clients Pilar and Pele Cortizo Burgess.public works were the architects for the Whitechapel Gift Shop creating a home, which looks at the shifting boundaries between public and private realm and questions the necessity of institutions as predominant contemporary cultural spaces. The project tests the boundaries of public and private further with the public event of the performance - 'Plastic'.

public works collaborated with 30 bird productions creating 'Plastic' as a spatial and site specific performance 2 years ago for Edinburgh Festival and now we are collaborating to recreate it in the domestic context of the Whitechapel Gift Shop project.

'Plastic' was nominated for a Total Theatre Award in Edinburgh 08 and selected by The Guardian as one of the top four shows in the festival. It is coming to London to The Whitechapel Gift Shop from 18-27 March. Tickets can be booked online at: www.wegottickets.com/30birdproductions.

For more info on Plastic visit 30 bird productions website: www.30birdproductions.org

For more info on 'Whitechapel gift shop' please see www.publicworksgroup.net/giftshop and the client's website www.thewhitechapelgiftshop.com