Art in the Social Sphere symposium

Radar arts programme at Loughborough University are organising a one day symposium on Art in the Social Sphere.
public works will presenting a paper on the spatial typologies that are generated and developed through socially engaged art practices. public works current commission for Radar is part of the International Village Shop idea, which is about exploring new architectural typologies alongside public and participatory work.


WCS 2009 Calendar launch at the Hackney Wick 2012 Community Meeting

Join us for the an outing of the Wick Curiosity Shop and the launch of the WCS 2009 Calender. Thursday the 22nd of January 2009 from 3pm at the Hackney Wick Community Centre. Click here for directions.

The Wick Curiosity Shop 2009 Calendar is a limited edition of collages based on Hackney Wick’s past, present and future. It was made by Polly Brannan from public works and Hilary Powell from Optimistic Productions.
You can purchase a copy for £10 (postage not included) by e-mailing the Wick Curiosity Shop

The Wick Curiosity Shop is an eclectic collection of local produce, memorabilia, oral history, songs and stories from or about Hackney Wick. On the day of the Hackney Wick Festival the shop hosted a rich mixture of displays and performances, bringing together the weird and the wonderful found in Hackney Wick.

Beyond the Festival the shop exist on line and as a series of events in which it temporarily assembles. The display and the format in which the shop is presented are changing with each event and the shop archive is continuously growing. We’re slowly collecting an extensive list of contributions made in or inspired by Hackney Wick and the surrounding area.

The Wick Curiosity Shop is a project by public works in collaboration with Pudding Mill River:Purveyors of Sporting Spirits and Foodstuffs commissioned by [SPACE] for the Hackney Wick Festival, which took place on the 27th of September 2008.

Contact us if you would like to contribute something to the shop or if you spot something that needs further explanation. You can also join our mailing list to stay informed about future events.

6 month of the Wick Calendar by Hilary Powell

Regeneration of public space through dialogue, Tehran 12-15 December

This 3-day conference is part one of an event that is hoped to promote ideas and identify projects that could use dialogue to retake and regenerate streets and public spaces.
The aim of day one is to introduce the subject of dialogue through the works and writings of different theoreticians and practitioners.


Yara Sharif
Doina Petrescu
Reza Pourvaziri

Torange khonsari, Jean Pierre
one local speaker

Samah Hijawi
Laura Englezue
2 other local speakers


'The gift shop' is now open

'The Whitechapel gift shop' described 2 posts below this one, is now open and the Launch on Thursday was a great event


launch of 'the whitechapel gift shop' thursday, 27 Nov.

join us for the launch of the whitechapel gift shop

featuring the opening of photographer jon cartwright and the launch of the gift exchange

november 27th, 2008, 7-9pm
the whitechapel gift shop
2a east mount street
london e1 1ba
click to view map

The whitechapel gift shop is part of a larger project by public works which sees the transformation of an old pottery building in whitechapel e1 into a (non for profit) gallery and project space as well as the home for pilar and pele cortizo-burgess owners and shop keepers. The premise is organised around a internal 'court yard' and comprises a living quarter that can accommodate previously agreed one off cultural events and the whitechapel gift shop, an informal cultural space engaging with the local community.

the whitechapel gift shop consists of 3 non-commercial parts:
1)artists space: studio space donated to artists for short residencies. The first phase of residencies will host artists: jon cartwright, victoria nightingale, richard and christopher fairhead, frontal, verity keefe, katy binks, kamala katbamna, flip baber. click to see full programme
2)the gift exchange: where ‘gifts’ made by individuals or groups are exchanged for other ‘gifts’, not sold.
3)gifted: a series of workshops and conversations aimed at inspiring individuals and groups to discover and share their gifts.

Building work to the living quarter will start early in 2009 once the first phase of residencies are completed. Both the development of the gift shop and the development of the design for the building works are running in parallel and indirectly inform each other. The project proposes an architectural process which is equally concerned with establishing a new network of social relationships as well as delivering a physical environment which can support those new relationships as they are being played out and expanded over time.

Both aspects of the project explore notions of recycling and reusing which ultimately will inform the aesthetics of the build.

Building stories exhibited at ASD 19th Nov at 6:30pm

Whilst we wait for the result for AHRC grant that will enable us to take this experimental architecture project forward we exhibit the ideas as research.

Come join us:
ASD Exhibitions
Department of Architecture
and Spatial Design
London Metropolitan University
Spring House
40 – 44 Holloway Road
London N7 8JL

Click to view full pdf invite and details


public works joins round table discussion for CREATIVE TRANSFORMATIONS book launch in Belfast, Monday 17th Nov

The panel-led discussion will be held at
4.00 pm in room 82E04, Belfast Campus,
Ulster University.

Launch Village Produce Films and 2 Day Village Shop

Launch of the Village Produce Films
during a Two Day Village Shop
13th and 14th November 2008
as part of Grizedale Arts' at the
Royal Academy's Contemporary Season,
6 Burlington Gardens, London W1J 0BD.

Please join us for the special launch event on
Thursday 13th November 2008 from 19.00
with our films, village food and shop talk.

The Two Day Village Shop will be hosted by
Kathrin Böhm (myvillages & public works),
Wapke Feenstra (myvillages) and
Andreas Lang (public works).

Village produce from an extended network of producers will be on offer.
Opening hours of our shop are:
Thursday 13th from 12.00 to 22.00 and
Friday 14th November from 12.00 - 18.00.

The Village Shop is a joint long term initiative by (, public works (,
Grizedale Arts ( and somewhere ( ). The Village Produce Films show the producers and production of several items from Lawson Park (UK), Wjelsryp (NL) and Höfen (Ger), and are a co-production with Michael Smythe.
See more on

This event is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and villages mentioned.


public works presentation at Brussels Architecture Institute (Ibai)

On Wednesday 5th November at 20.00,
as part of the 2008 Ibai lecture series,
on invitation by Isabelle doucet for recyclart

After having explored the theme of ‘hybridisation of space’ through a closer look at architecture and urbanism practices with a specific focus on co-production of space and the particular attention this required for architectural representation, the coming ibai-lectures will explore the notion of hybridisation through a closer look at the public/private tension of public/private urban space. Under the theme INSIDE OUT/SIDE IN two evenings will be organised, inviting each time an architectural ‘practice’ that has an original and hybrid way to address this tension, and a ‘thinker’ who will reflect on such approaches from a more theoretical/philosophical point of view."

Salon de refuses Olympique at the TINAG festival

public works will join the Salon de refuses Olympique for an afternoon of presentations and discussions at Cafe Oto in Dalston on Sunday 26th October 3-5pm

TINAG festival includes the latest incarnation of the Olympic Artist Forum :
Salon de refuses Olympique
Join us on Sunday 26th October for the latest manifestation of the [ S P A C E ] initiated ‘Olympic Artist Forum’ - an afternoon of presentations and roundtable discussion exploring creative responses to the changing London 2012 Olympic site and surrounding regeneration zone. The debate will be accompanied by tea and cake made from the fruits of the Olympic fringe lands provided by Pudding Mill River: Purveyors of Sporting Spirits and Foodstuffs, sponsors of this event.
Participants include, Gesche Wuerfel, Leigh Niland, Emma Dwyer of MOLAS (Museum of London Archaeological Services) Tessa Garland and Stephen Cornford.

Download the full Salon de refuses Olympique - Programme

Download the full TINAG Festival Programme