Archive of Shared Interests - RE-OPENED

public work's archive box

public work's archive box

The Archive of Shared interests has its second outing at the Whitespace Gallery which I had the pleasure of viewing when in Zurich last week. The archive brings together 30 practices who each submitted work. All contributions are referenced on a large wall and the individual dossiers are stored in plastic boxes which are loosely spread throughout the space. Its definitely worthwhile seeing when in Zurich. It is open until 20th of March 2010 on the 11.03 & 18.03 2010 from 3pm - 6pm or by appointment 079 231 33 36.
Below is the official abstract and address with a picture of our archive box above.

Archive of Shared Interests - Transfer Zone - Temporary Life - Temporary Communities
30 Theoretical approaches, architectural and artistic dossiers for communities in the Transfer Zone

Communities are defined by artists, scholars and urbanists as an antithesis to general society and its constraints, but they differ widely from one another in the roles they play. Whether the community is thought of as a secret utopia or as a threat to the individual, whether as a cooperative, a neighbourhood or a societal group, and whether or not the respective community is to be dissolved - every time, a certain artistic, architectural or theoretical concept of community initiates a subtext directed toward the public. Certain actions are implicitly designated for the visitors, the users, the readers; the public is revolutionized, integrated, informed, instructed, involved or controlled. The archive is conceived as a project apparatus on the broad theme of "community", an apparatus representing different and contradictory approaches and points of view on the basis of which "community" can be discussed. The archive will serve prospectively as the project apparatus of a research project and be expanded.

The archive is curated by Karin Frei Bernasconi, Siri Peyer, Dorothee Richter,
Exhibition design Jesko Fezer with Postgraduate Program in Curating, ICS ZHdK,
Graphic Design Megan Hall.

White Space // Office for Curating / Art / Theory
Programming: Dorothee Richter, Siri Peyer
Militärstrasse 76
Zugang über Kanonengasse neben Café Aloha
CH - 8004 Zürich