More collaborative village produce

public works together with have been invited by Nick Slater at the Radar arts programme at Loughborough University, to suggest a participatory public project as part of the current Group Process commissioning series.
The proposal was to work with two local groups on the development of a new produce to enter the longer-term International Village Shop initiative.
Research staff from the renowned Sports Technology Department at the University are currently meeting with an informal group of young people from the nearby village of Barrow upon Soar to brainstorm ideas and prototypes for a new sports produce.
A Symposium on Art in the Public Sphere takes place on Thursday 29th Jam 09.

Höfer Goods goes in its 3rd year - village fete stall and films on Sun 5th October in Höfen near Bamberg, Upper Frankonia, Southern Germany

image: local pre pre launch of the films earlier this summer

public works together with and Grizedale Arts have been producing 8 short films which document the makers and making of different village produce. Three of the films have been shot in Höfen and show the making of the butterspoon, the doylless bag and the jar lamp - all former Höfer Goods produce.
This years - alongside well known conserves and other things - we' ll be showing and selling the films on DVD.
The films will be launched in the UK on 13th November 2008 as part of the New Seasons exhisbition at the Royal Academy and together with other film projects curated by Grizedale Arts for the project.

The 'Wick Curiosity Shop' opens on Wed the 6th of August at 7PM.



Wednesday the 6th of August 2008
7PM - 9PM on the Green at Hackney Wick
Click to view a map.

public works together with Pudding Mill River have been invited by Space Studios to make a contribution to the Hackney Wick Festival which will take palace on the 27th of September on the green outside the church in Hackney Wick. Our contribution is called the Wick Curiosity Shop and brings together the weird and wonderful world hidden in Hackney Wick. To generate interest in the shop we will have a series of small scale, informal events leading up to the festival. First showing is this Wednesday the 6th of August. Come along if you would like to tell us about something that should be part of the shop or drop in for a drink of some locally harvested and produced elder-flower champagne kindly sponsored by Pudding Mill River.

project commissioned by SPACE

publishing public works presents TODAY PUBLISHING at Publish and be Damned on Sunday 3rd Aug 12.00 to 18.00 at Rochelle Schoo, Arnold Circus, London



on the Mobile Porch
for one day
during PABD 2008

The Mobile Porch goes Arnold Circus and will join the fanzine making madness for one day, inviting everyone who has something to say on the day, to publish it there and then, on large sheets of paper using our all time favourite: duck tape.

All contributions will be published online afterwards.

Photo from last year's PABD fair - showing Deepa Naik from TINAG.

Champagne Breakfast

51 32.0086, -000 02.670

Finally away from the office, no interrupting phone calls or doing things just quickly on the site. It takes a day off, away from it all to look at what we are doing and how we are doing it. Reassess and go forward - with champagne and cake in the park - highly recommended.

PS - Happy birthday Kathrin!!

We re all going down to Brick Lane for this Sunday's Art Car Boot Fair


We'll be getting small stuff out of the boot and onto the trading tabels, including
shelf frames, fanzines, contact trays, duck alphabet sets, etc.

Also: DJ Simspon and KT&Paul have been collaborating on some phantastic
T Shirts and we're sharing a stall.

See you Sunday.

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public works at NAi Rotterdam on Sunday 27th April together with to present "Village Kiosk"

Village Kiosk
A Sunday afternoon at NAi as part of the HAPPENING programme - with produce and ideas from the countryside.

Village Kiosk is a new international initiative by artist/architects public works (London), the artist initiative (Ger/NL/UK) and the commissioning organisation Grizedale Arts (UK). The Village Kiosk is both a space for trade and discussion. It already exists at times in various places across our networks.
Sometimes for trade, sometimes for discussion, sometimes for display, and always for rural/rural or rural/urban exchange and equipped with curiosity in further links and stories.

The Village Kiosk afternoon at HAPPENING has 3 parts. The setting up of a Village Kiosk shelf in NAI will be followed by the collaborative production of Product Catalogue at 4pm. To extend the product range of the Village Kiosk, we will invite visitors to suggest more items for the shop, and sketch them with us. The day will conclude in a round table discussion at 17.00 with invited speaker and participants from the afternoon workshop. Drinks and village snacks will be served to round the afternoon off.

Speakers include: Alexandra Gaba-Van Dongen (Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum), Robert-Jan Muller (TBC), Wapke Feenstra (, Kathrin Böhm (public works /, Andreas Lang (public works) and and Emiliano Gadolfi (NAI)

public works in the countryside - this week from Cambridgeshire


In a year long residency with Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire - UK Torange Khonsari from ‘public works’ explored the role and significance of public space within a rural context. Finding that public paths are prominent spaces within rural public realm public works set out to temporarily expand and occupy a particular public path linking Wysing art centre with the Village of Bourn.

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Bourn Village
local walks
Thurs 10am – 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan
Friday 10am – 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 10am – 2pm, led by Sarah Butler

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Personal map-making workshops
Thurs 2 - 4pm, led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Friday 2 - 4pm led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 12 - 2pm led by Sarah Butler

Saturday 2 - 4pm
Friday Session_26
Discussion on the role of rural space and culture
Torange Khonsari, architect in public works
Wapke Feenstra, artist in

Good news from Paris

The bad news is that that the conference we went to, was badly-to-not-chaired-at-all, with 8 presentation packed in each session and no time for discussion!
Good news is that we met Ivana Ivkovic from Zagreb who is involved in a collaborative cultural reclaim the city project called Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000, and we met up with Doina and Constantin from aaa, and went to a film screening to their ongoing St Bois project. We saw it in Dec 2006 when we did some workshops with students from Inter 10/AA, and what has happened since is impressive (to say the least). The front fence has been replaced by a multipurpose foldable wall with an inside space on top. The outdoor space has several fluid but clear stages from very public to communal and individual, with the genius siting of a dry toilet at the end of the plot. A public toilet as a distinguished architectural programme - clearly competing with the community dinner as a popular common demominator.
Sorry for the bad image - it was late and dark (and very cold).


Village Produce Filming

public works together with and Grizedale Arts are working on a joint new initiative on rural produce and its international cross village exchange.
We started to film products and their makers in and around Lawson Park, Cumbria, UK, in Wjelsryp, Friesland, NL and in Höfen, Upper Frankonia, Germany.

The films will be launched in March as part of Grizedale's Agrifashionista TV project.