A two year invitation to Roskilde festival in Denmark to design a pavilion and run a summer school in 2017. This summer saw the first iteration of the space and program, testing how a program of events unfolds during the spectacle of Northern Europes largest music festival. Next summer (2017) we will complete an ambitious 14m diameter platform and ring to host talks, workshops and debates. 

FLOKKR brings social groups together: practitioners, artists and activists from all over Europe, in order for them to collaborate on exploring the concept of “commoning”. 

FLOKKR is a series of events, workshops and debates. They will take place in the installation FLOKKR, four small rooms, which set the frame for a larger area, and which Public Works has designed and constructed for the occasion.

The four small rooms will exhibit specific examples of how a new popular sharing culture might look, while larger events take place in the oval area in the middle.

FLOKKR is an old Norse word meaning “a group of at least 5 persons or flock”