Glut Field and Glut Barn

Working with artist and film makers Somewhere, Glut field and Glut Barn are part of the ambitious show ‘A Fair Land’ which is the flagship summer exhibition curated by Grize- dale Arts for the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin, Ireland.

Glut Field and Glut Barn are part of a ‘model village’ to be realised in the inner courtyard of IMMA, featuring work by many artists, volunteers, community groups and architects. The programme will result in the building of a model village. Glut House is an imposing but playful temporary structure - its primary material is strawbales and its form is simple and agricultural, with massed bale walls onto which exterior surface decoration is ‘shaved’. The interior is double height, and can be used for diverse activities and storage.

Glut Field (nearby) is a large shallow raised bed directly onto the ground, made from straw bales planted with vigorous vegetables. It will be conditioned and planted directly with courgettes and marrows, quickly achieving foliar coverage and producing vegetables for the project’s use, in quantity. The work has been inspired by previous work with community gardens, where many vegetable gluts have neccessitated periods of inspired and intense creativity.