Granville Cube

Can public street furniture evolve through a process of curated use and incremental adjustments over time? Can public street furniture be active and allow users to project ideas onto it making it their own and move away from a generic piece of furniture that over times becomes increasingly and adjusted inscribed by its local use?

The Granville Cube was the result of the public art programme that ran alongside the Granville New Homes Development in South Kilburn in London, between September 2005 and August 2007.

The Cube is a simple metal frame structure that traveled to various locations on and around the Granville New Homes area. The structure performed as a communication and facilitation device on site that hosted small-scale local events, collected and staged ideas for the use of the public realm.

Polly Brannan from public works ran a weekly on-site programme with events ranging from carroll singing to swap shops, flower planting to creating mega fish tanks.
Ad hoc add-ons can turned the cube structure into an exhibition space, a small stage, an outdoor screen or a workshop space.