Home In the Service of Science

public works and 30 Bird bring together architecture, performance and science under the same roof. Home in the Service of Science is inspired by a year of conversations with scientists, cleaners, technicians, receptionists, security guards and the catering staff at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) revealing scientific research and dialogue with LMB's everyday life. The residency centres around a structure made up of a bathroom, the space under the stairs, the parlour, the corridor and the study, sitting in the atrium at the LMB building and a series of dining room situation hostings. In an overwhelming context where we mainly build houses, the question of what the home is and what its role becomes is one to raise. As part of this Years Cambridge festival of ideas, Home in the Service of Science starts to raise such questions while thousands new homes are being built around the MRC building.

4 catered Hostings debating architectural ideas of home in the service of science and the quest for knowledge, were held with staff from the LMB and selected members of the public:

The Kitchen - in the service of science
The Parlour - in the service of science
The Corridor - in the service of science
The Bathroom - in the service of science

public works and 30 Bird worked with the LMB staff to develop an interdisciplinary performance by visualizing and animating the weird and wonderful content produced during the residency such as mobile Ecoli factory in form of a toilet, worm tamer crown, an experiment in piano composition, and a fridge that breeds antibodies. All creating a jarring relationship between scientific experimentation and domestic living. The performance opened to the public as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 28,29,30th October 2017.