LJ Works

LJ Works is testing strategies for how citizens can claim stewardship of public land in the city and aims to pilot the potential for community economic self reliance and common governance in an urban neighborhood.

public works are working in close collaboration with Architecture 00 to deliver LJ Works - a London Regeneration Fund-backed community-led affordable workspace project. LJ Works includes 1300sqm of light-weight multi-functional work space for studios, a kitchen incubator, co-work space, canteen/cafe and other community focused programs which aims to support local entrepreneurship and new ways of shared working.

public works have been involved in Loughborough Junction since 2013, both as residents and practitioners, and helped separate community groups organise to form a steering group with the purpose to propose an alternative development scheme for the Loughborough Farm which had been earmarked for development. With the support of Lambeth Council this proposal attracted LRF funding to create much needed affordable workspace whilst also safeguarding the Loughborough Farm growing project. The steering group will take management responsibility of the project within 5 years to ensure it continues to serve local needs and profits will be put into local projects/training that support those looking for employment.