Mobile Porch under the Westway Flyover

The Mobile Porch is a multifunctional mini architecture that roams through city space. By offering this new urban toy to the people who use and govern the public places, Mobile Porch becomes a tool for contact, stimulating activity, revealing the potential of everyday situations to inform the future.

It was developed for the Trust to roam its premises and everyone was invited to use it, to shape it, to mould it, to make it, temporarily, their own. The deliberately flexible design offers a stage, a screen, a reception desk, a dinner table, a shop, an exhibition board, a workshop, a billboard, a hang-out…an endlessness of possibilities to suit the people’s unending supply of desires, dreams, ideas, interests and needs.

Many different types of physical and institutional structures collide to create urban spaces in London. The Mobile Porch aimed to draw from the opportunities these spaces offer, uncover hidden potential and develop new ideas for how space can be used by looking at all its existing structures, from the Trust itself to the passer by, to the teenagers who hang out at night. The playfulness of Mobile Porch appeals to local people and works on a direct one to one scale, allowing them to express their ideas and dreams concerning public space through action and participation. What do people come up with when given a flexible space to play with? The project questioned how the inherent, but often neglected structures could be made to function and be included in the designing of urban space. It generated valuable information about the site and the people who use it, information that supported and informed the Trust.