Pier To Pier

Pier to Pier, was an art project lead by public works, part of the Tidal Twirlings summer art programme for North Woolwich curated by AIR.  

Taking as a starting point North Woolwich connection with the river Thames and the old docks, the Pier To Pier installation looked at establishing a clear link between the land and the river by re-creating a scaled and edited version of the North Woolwich old pier surrounded by water and pebbles and make it a focal point and medium to (re)inform public life in the centre of North Woolwich. The river was used to create a common ground for North Woolwich main square, Pier Parade, making it publicly accessible again by refurbishing it as a public space and building a programme of art, cultural and community activities, workshops and events inspired by the role of the river in the local day to day live.