TERRA - Towards Enhancement of Resilience by Rural Activities focusses on the exchange of informal learning practices aiming at enhancing the capacity of rural inhabitants to be actors of transformation in their local territories. The project creates a process of interaction between learners and professionals from seven cultural organisations and their communities. We define the resilience in this context as the capacity of people and authorities in rural areas to adapt and reconstruct the social and economic fabric in situation of crises and transition. The partnership intends to share informal learning practices and address the needs of rural population, and specially the most vulnerable ones (elderly and unemployed) to develop strategies for resilience, new solidarities, territorial dynamics and new economic activities in a context of marginalisation of the rural zones out of the main development and attractivity hubs. 

Altogether, the centers develop informal learning approaches in different fields ranging from gardening, arts, craft, heritage conservation and tourism, to entrepreneurial development and cluster building. In the Learning Partnership, we share these processes and experience in an inter-regional, inter-cultural frame and discover the differences and similarities of approaches. The active process, guided by staff and professionals from each center, is accompanied and reflected by a team of experts with a background in philosophy, sociology, architecture and politics.

'Sow difference and you'll harvest diversity': through this learning partnership, we aim to re-enforce our practices, develop innovative approaches and gain from a multicultural learning context. In fine, we aim to promote informal education as a path towards a more human-centered model of development.


project partners: 
Land Kunst Leben e.V. (DE)Abbaye de Noirlac (FR)Fundacion Santa Maria La Real (ES)public works (GB)Saline De Royal (FR)ACCR, Citema