The Public(s) Land Grab

'The Public(s) Land Grab’ is a live research project, which looks to alternatives against to capital-led urban development and its intrinsic inequalities. As we increasingly rely on developers for the creation of our cities what we question is if residents can build the capacity to develop without developers and use regeneration as an opportunity to level social inequalities rather then extenuate them. How can it be used to address local issues (unemployment and wellbeing in the case of Loughborough Junction)?

This research is being carried out alongside Loughborough Junction Action Group, The Loughborough Farm, the LJ Neighbourhood Planning Forum and other local groups. It is testing the potential and often contradictory ideas of the Localism Act 2011.

Like many citizen-led initiatives in London at the moment - this starts with a community garden on a piece of derelict council owned land which had been negotiated for temporary use before its intended development. We have been using building workshops, legislation and negotiation, both between residents and with the council, to build local agency. The research will cumulate as a hand book of architectural tactics which can be used by citizen-led iniatives in similar positions. These tactics are as much spatial propositions as a redesign of the relationship between public, council, developer and city.

More to follow...