Trade Deptford

Is a local platform hosting events and discussions exploring the theme of local identity, gentrification and role of the citizen in Deptford.

Over the course of 6 months we will deliver and test a new market forum for Deptford, one which raises local issues around the arts, gentrification and identity. A new typology that aims to position the artist/architect as a lever for positive social change, the output being a way to give people a voice and ultimately change the equation art = gentrification to, art = local resilience.

Each market develops new themes to engage different demographics in Deptford, to both gain understanding and develop evidence for a future citizen driven neighbourhood plan - delivered by Deptford Neighbourhood Action with the support of public works. This will bring legislative power to local citizens and  aims to redress the balance of development within Deptford, London.

Trade Deptford is an Arts Council England funded project in collaboration with Assembly SE8.