Speaking & Listening (Volume 3)

Editor: Emma Cocker, Sharon Kivland, Lesley Sanderson
Contributors: Jananne Al-Ani, David Bate, Kate Blacker, Kathrin Böhm, Pavel Bűchler, Conroy/Sanderson, Mickey Cuddihy, Eggebert-and-Gould, Das Hays, David Mabb, Simon Periton, Jeanne Randolph, George Shaw, Sarah Staton, Jemima Stehli, David Thorp, Monika Oechsler, Paul Rooney

Transmission: Speaking and Listening is an annual series of lectures organised by the School of Cultural Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, in collaboration with Site Gallery. Leading and emerging artists from the UK and abroad discuss their work in relation to a particular theme with an audience of students and the public. This volume, the third series, takes up two themes: Ornament and Utility, which addresses the question of aesthetic judgment and the use (or usefulness) of a work of art; and Responsability, which considers the ideology of artistic production.

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