Editor: public works
Contributors: Celine Condorelli (Support Structure), Liza Fior (muf), Emily Pethick (The Showroom), Doina Petrescu (aaa, Paris), Fenke Snelting (De Geuzen and constant, Brussels), taking place (London and Cambridge), Kathrin Böhm (public works)

The fanzine was produced as part of Friday Session_28 and the idea for the evening was ession was to see, hear and discuss how feminism is practiced and thought within current cultural practice. The participating individuals and groups have different approaches and interests toward feminism as a cultural, political and theoretical tradition. Some of the presentations focused on a more practice related approach of addressing gender issues. The session was structured around short presentations of ideas or case studies, where a feminist agenda became clear, and was followed by an informal discussion with all guest.

The fanzine documents some of the contributions and projects.

No longer available