If you can't find it, give us a ring

Editor: ARTicle Press Publishers & ixia PA Ltd
Contributors: John Butler, Anna Douglas, Janet Hodgson, public works, Doina Petrescu
ISBN: 1-873352-29-8

The New Thinking in Public Art series explores current artistic and architectural trends, contributing fresh thinking to the debate about the role of contemporary art within the development of the public realm. Each volume in this three part series – habitat, environment, community – integrates a specially commissioned art-project, artist interview and commentary by a leading thinker on urban development of our shared spaces. In Community, the art and architecture collective public works contribute a network-based project, If you can't find it, give us a ring, whilst architectural theorist Doina Petrescu's essay Working towards a real public space, revisits the notion of community, public and participation. public works revisit the project Park Products. The theme of community is taken up by exploring the space and informality of networks found in institutions and public space.

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