Mapping The 2-Ton Roller Print

Mapping The 2-Ton Roller Print

Editor: public works
Contributors: public works with Jonathan Orlek

The 2 ton roller pressing took place on 25th June on Union Street. This publication (which included embossing plywood, printing a magazine and constructing a chair) involved travelling to a variety of sites, meeting lots of people and gathering a wide selection of objects.

This network of people, objects and spaces resulted from a desire to use construction machinery and the street as a way of making publications; it allowed people, including myself, into the project in order to explore Union Street and its history of printing through collaboration and exchange. This involved conventional exchanges (for example purchasing wire from a hardware shop) as well as unconventional exchanges and relations in the city, which proposing new ways for individuals to assemble and produce in public (for example hiring a two ton roller and operator for a day in order to make a plywood embossing).

The exercise of recollecting these relations and publically (collectively) mapping them aims to broaden the projects output beyond the final publications by exploring the alternative forms and networks of relations that have also been produced as a result of the publication process. (Jonathan Orlek)

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