Museum Van Nagsael (11 years, 132 exhibitions)

Editor: Museum Van Nagsael
Contributors: Marcel Möring, Tanja Karreman, Frans Eiken & Ben Zegers, Belinda Tournier, Reinaart Vanhoe, Robert Preece

This book presents 11 years of Museum Van Nagsael. " [...] Over the course of 132 months, Museum Van Nagsael has hosted exhibitions by artists, poets and architects, on the invitation of one of the two directors or an incidental curator. Each invited guest was granted carte blanche. The commitment and ingenuity of these artists has been the heart and soul of the museum for 11 years. All the presentations are included in the book; not chronologically, but in a well-considered order. This brings to light interrelationships and differences that have thus far only existed in our minds." Silvia B. (director for even months), Rolf Engelen (director for odd months)

No longer available