Park Products Brochure

Editor: Sally Tallant (Serpentine Gallery)
Contributors: Kathrin Bőhm, Andreas Lang, Jane Rendell, Sally Tallant

Artist-architect partnership Kathrin Bőhm and Andreas Lang have been artists-in-residence at the Serpentine Gallery from September 2003 to July 2004. They have worked with people who use the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens, as well as MA Design Products students from the Royal College of Art, London to produce products using the Park a starting point. This small publication describes the products (such as a "Chompost" bar – a chocolate-shaped bar of compressed compost or toys for squirrels), their currency (none of these objects could be bought, but instead they had to be exchanged for small tasks around the park, such as helping the gardeners to weed flower beds or collect litter) and people involved.

No longer available