Publish And Be Damned

Editor: Publish And Be Damned
Contributors: 20x20 Magazine, Abake & Aurélient Froment, The Arts Pneumonia, Audio Theory, Bart Wells Institute, Basso, Baston Blanco, Borbonesa Publishing, Pablo Bronstein, Brownsierra, A Calzone, Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards, Centrefold, Chicago - Times - Helvetica... The Mix, Chimurenga, Clod Magazine, Control, Copenhagen Free University, Infopool, Info Centre, Pocket Industries, Dark Star, [deletia], [diff.] Andreas Reihse, DIK Fagazine, Diplomacy in Reflex, Donkey Head, Le Edizioni della Luna: Nova Critica / Novo Boutique, The EEL Fanzine, Evidence, FACEHUG Berlin, Fever Zine, Finger, Flatwork, Flypaper, FormContent, Frozen Tears, Fucking Good Art, Fur, Guestroom, Hate Magazine, I-cabin (texts), Impulsive Random Practice (I.R.P.), Interlude Magazine, Intoart, Junior Aspirin, Leisure Centre, Local Folk, Lux, Making Do, Tom Mason Publications, Matt Magazine, Meew Muzak, Dan Mitchell: An English Report on British Snails, Mono.Kultur, MSDM, Mute, The Newspaper, One Square Kilometer Audio Guide, Ooga Booga, Not-Yet, Pablo International Magazine, Pacemaker, Pages, Paperback, Pazmaker, Mark Pawson, Michalis Pichler, Piece of Paper Press, Piktogram, Pocket Industries, Poppy Books, Pork Salad Press, Publishing public works, Radical Vans and Carriages, The Rebel, Resonance104.4fm, Rollo Press, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Savage Messiah, Sick Happy Idle, Slimvolume, Starship Magazine, Stellar, Strange Attractor Press and Strange Attractor Journal, Transition Editions, URA!, Donald Urquhart, Useless, The Vacuum, Vargas Organisation, Vomit in the Mainstream, Variant, The Wayward Canon, The Wayward Canon/Giles Round Collaboration, WeAreTheArtists, Westphalie Verlag, What They Could Do, They Did

Surveying an abundance of independent publications, Publish And Be Damned demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside the commercial mainstream through magazine fairs, a touring archive and occasional events. This book gives an overview of the broad range of material gathered together for Publish And Be damned 2008, from DIY fanzines to glossy periodicals, video compendiums to critical journals, described by the artists themselves.

No longer available