The Church Street Partners' Gazette

Editor: Can Altay & The Showroom
Contributors: Abdul Ahad, Ismail Ali, Neil Bennet, Ismail Bingor, David Cunningham, Peter Duggan & Tamsin Bicknell, Emelie Ekenborn, Andrea Franke, Robert Goldie, Lily Hall, Andreas Lang, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Vince Lyons, Chloe McCarthy, Joan of Art, John McDonald, Daniel Mera, Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren, Magdalena Novoa, Hugo Nowell, Victoria Oliver, Emily Pethick, John Philips, Public 10, Edward Quiglay, Muhammad Rashid, Louise Shelley, Emma Smith, Susan Splender, Eszter Steierhoffer, Natasha Tebbs, Jeremy Till, Lana Vanzetta, Cory Wharton-Malcom, Joseph Williams.

Partnership and transformation, in "The Church Street Partner Gazette", Issue nr. 1, by Can Altay, published by The Showroom, London (UK), 2010 (p. 4). English.

From mid-October until the end of November 2010, The Showroom was turned into the production site of this news-paper. The project drew on research and dialogues with a wide range of people connected to The Showroom neighbourhood. This Gazette has been published as part of Can Altay's exhibition "The Church Street Partners' Gazette", 13 October - 4 December 2010.

No longer available