The Unlimited Edition. Issue III –  Proposition

Editor: Holly Lewis & Oliver Goodhall (We Made That)
Contributors: Yemi Aladerun, Joost Beunderman, Mags Bursa, Erin Byrne, Katherine Clarke, Stuart Darling, Daniel Eatock, Eleanor Fawcett, Andy Friend, Daniel Frost, William Haggard, Charles Holland, Alex Jenkins, Torange Khonsari, David Knight, Rob McCarthy, James Pallister, Fiona Scott, Catrina Stewart, Penny Wilson, Nick Wood

Lewis, H., Whitechapel: Artists to Philantropists. Interview with Torange Khonsari, Public Works, Issue nr. 3, October 2011, London (UK), published by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, pp. 4-5. English.

The Unlimited Edition is part of the High Street 2012 Initiative. The series is composed by three issues and is curated by We Made That.

No longer available