We the People

We the People

Editor: public works
Contributors: Priyanka Shah

This phrase taken from the people's constitution signifies that the governing can only govern with the consent of the governed. People and places together define the character and quality of a street life. Every street metamorphoses in its own way for which its people are responsible. The present will be the past in the future and so it is equally important to record the present as it is to remember the past and work for the future. How do the people of Union Street make their voice heard? How different would Union Street be tomorrow without those that define it today?

Union Street today will be recorded through a series of photographs of those living, working, playing or crossing here, against the backdrop of spaces that define this street. People will be asked to hold out a letter or number in the font already collected from the Font Union chosen from a deck of playing cards. They will also become informants by giving their personal take of the street life. The collected photographs and data will be published as a deck of playing cards.

Playing card designs have historically quite often been inspired by people or places and used as devices to commemorate an important event by producing special editions that portray the event on one or both sides and have since then become collectors' item. The advantage of using playing cards in the context of the Union street is that they combine the light-hearted nature of a game with more serious issues related to the locality and once displayed on the Kiosk, they become powerful tools of non-verbal communication for the people in and around Union street.

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